Saturday, 29 October 2011

Bauer's New Skates

Hey Guys,

Long time no write,

What do you think of Bauer's new skates? They look a little bit more yellow then last years Total One. Would you want to buy these skates. I am sure they will be over $800. Just need to know about the new features.

Thursday, 20 October 2011

Power Bands are Fake

I can now tell you first hand that Power Bands are a scam! They do not work what so ever and never will. Even though the people who made them say there is no scientific way it helps your performance. The whole power is in your head and it docent have any scientic way of improving your balnce, strength etc.

I am taking a week long break from blogging and will see you next week. 

Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Rumour Has It: Sam Gagner to the Leafs

Rumour has it Sam Gagner is going to the Toronto Maple Leafs.

The Leafs and Oilers have reportedly been in trade tale over the course of the summer and this appears to be the one.

Steve Tambellini has said he has had trade talks recently and stated that they are not looking for a depth defence man the Leafs may want to trade to him.

The depth defenceman in question is Leafs blueliner Carl Gunnarsson. Him and Leafs center Tyler Bozak have been longly rumoured to pack their bags.

What do you think of this deal? If this happened who would win the trade? 

Wednesday, 5 October 2011

NHL Western Conference Predictions

Here are my predictions for the Western Conference. Only 1 day till the season starts!

15. Dallas Stars
Pro: None
Con: Losing Brad Richards will make the offence worse.

14. Phoenix Coyotes
Pro: Raffi Torres will help them be tougher.
Con: The goaltending goes down a notch after the Ilya Bryzgalov left.

13. Edmonton Oilers
Pro: Nugent-Hopkins will help the offence.
Con: Losing Sheldon Souray will hurt the PP.

12. Minnesota Wild
Pro: Gaining Heatley will help the worst offence.
Con: Losing Brent Burns will make the D a little easier to score on.

11. Colorado Avalanche
Pro: The goaltending will be better.
Con: Losing JM Liles will woresen the D.

10. Columbus Blue Jackets
Pro: Gaining Jeff Carter means the goals will pile in.
Con: Could of done with a 1st round pick.

9. Calgary Flames
Pro: New GM Feaster will help them after Sutter's days.
Con: Regehr will make the D worse.

8. Nashville Predators
Pro: Ryan Ellis will help the D.
Con: With no good 70-80 point producer offence may struggle.

7. St. Louis Blues
Pro: Arnott will help being a scorer.
Con: David Perron may not play much.

6. Anaheim Ducks
Pro: Ryan Getzlaf is back from injury which mean...... more goals.

5. Los Angeles Kings
Pro: Mike Richards will help on PP and PK.
Con: Losing Ryan Smyth and Wayne Simmonds means losing grit.

4. Detroit Red Wings
Pro: Ian White will fill Brian Rafalski's role nicely.
Con: Losing Rafalski sucks.

3. San Jose Sharks
Pro: Brent Burns will strengthen the D.
Con: Losing Heatley will suck.

2. Vancouver Canucks
Pro: Alex Edler will produce more.
Con: Losing Ehrhoff will mean losing big time PP guy.

1. Chicago Blackhawks
Pro: Mre toughness will help
Con: None.

And our pick for the Stanley cup is..................... Pittisburgh Penguins over the Chicago Blackhawks. 

Monday, 3 October 2011

NHL Eastern Conference Predictions

The NHL season gets kicks off Thursday and that means some predictions. There is a big twist with one of them.

15. Ottawa Senators
Pro: Jared Cowen will help them a lot on the backend.
Con: Injuries could hurt this team a lot.

14. Florida Panthers
Pro: Kris Versteeg will help them on offence.
Con: Don't have a true superstar which hurts any team.

13. New Jersey Devils
Pro: If Ilya Kovalchuck play well they will move up in the standings.
Con: Can Marty Broduer play like Tim Thomas?

12. New York Islanders
Pro: Mark Streit coming back from injury will help.
Con: Lack of #1 goalie hurts.

11. Winnipeg Jets
Pro: The crowd will act like a 7th player on ice.
Con: Losing Anthony Stewart hurts.

10. Carolina Hurricanes
Pro: Thomas Kaberle at the point is great for the PP.
Con: Losing Erick Cole gives away toughness.

9. Montreal Canadiens
Pro: Andrei Markov coming back from injury helps.
Con: If Scott Gomez sucks the Canadiens will to.

8. Toronto Maple Leafs
Pro: Tim Connolly will help Phil Kessel alot.

7. New York Rangers:
Pro: Getting Brad Richards helps on everywhere.
Con: If Gaborik sinks, so will the Rangers.

6. Buffalo Sabres
Pro: Getting Leino, Regehr, and Ehroff rocks.
Con: Ryan Miller must play good or else.........

5. Tampa Bay Lightning
Pro: Carter Ashton may make the jump which helps.
Con: Losing Gagne hurts.

4. Philadelphia Flyers
Pro: If Jagr rocks.....
Con: If Jagr or Giroux falls.......

3. Pittsburgh Penguins
Pro: With Malkin coming back they got a great playmaker.
Con: Sid the Kid may be out for a while.

2. Boston Bruins
Pro: Joe Corvo will help the PP.
Con: Who will replace Recchi.

1. Washington Capitals
Pro: Great off season helps.
Con: If Ovi falls again.....yikes.

Friday, 30 September 2011

Baseball Predictions

More playoffs more predictions. This year the AL and NL wildcards were hot but will the two teams dominate in the playoffs? Find out below.

New York Yankees vs. Detroit Tigers

Outcome: I really see Justin Verlander continuing a dominating performance against the Yanks. Him and Miguel Cabrera doing really well. The Tigers pitching is really good and I think they can beat the Yanks. The Yanks half to do well batting and pitching. Jeter and A-Rod have to play well for them to have a chance. I think the Tigers will win it in 4 games.

Texas Rangers vs. Tampa Bay Rays

Outcome: I think the Rays will continue there amazing wild card come back against Boston and will find a way to win against Texas. Josh Hamilton has to do good but I project Evan Longoria to rise from star to superstar in this series. I think Tampa has the edge here.

Philadelphia Phillies vs. Saint Louis Cardinals

Outcome: The Phillies pitching is to good to not win this series. If the sees goes 4 games the Phillies have Roy Halladay, Clif Lee, Roy Oswalt, and Cole Hamels playing very good. Albert Pujols might find a gap in their pitching one game but that it. Philly takes in 4.

Arizona Diamond-Backs vs. Milwaukee Brewers

Outcome: Ryan Braun and Price Fielder are the decision makers in this series. I think they will both do well. Aaron Hill's batting average has been way better with the D-Backs then with the Jays. I think the Brewers win in 4.

Who do you think will win? Tell me in the comments.     

Monday, 26 September 2011

Winter Classic 2012 is in Philly!

The NHL Winter Classic 2012 is heading to Citizen Bank Ball Park in Philadelphia where the Philadelphia   Flyers will host the New York Rangers who are division rivals since 1974. The game will be held on January 2nd at 1 pm.

HBO is also coming back for a 24/7 with both teams. I think Scott Hartnell will be very funny on the show because of his cool personality. HBO did a good job at providing fans with an in-depth look at what happens inside the locker room and out. The whole thing was very entertaining.

  This Flyers jersey looks really cool and I think would be good fit for the team. The orangey colour is a great choice with the cool writing.

Do you think this Winter Classic ill be the greatest. If not what match up was your most favourite. Mine was The Caps against the Pens. Put your answer below in the comments.