Saturday, 29 October 2011

Bauer's New Skates

Hey Guys,

Long time no write,

What do you think of Bauer's new skates? They look a little bit more yellow then last years Total One. Would you want to buy these skates. I am sure they will be over $800. Just need to know about the new features.

Thursday, 20 October 2011

Power Bands are Fake

I can now tell you first hand that Power Bands are a scam! They do not work what so ever and never will. Even though the people who made them say there is no scientific way it helps your performance. The whole power is in your head and it docent have any scientic way of improving your balnce, strength etc.

I am taking a week long break from blogging and will see you next week. 

Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Rumour Has It: Sam Gagner to the Leafs

Rumour has it Sam Gagner is going to the Toronto Maple Leafs.

The Leafs and Oilers have reportedly been in trade tale over the course of the summer and this appears to be the one.

Steve Tambellini has said he has had trade talks recently and stated that they are not looking for a depth defence man the Leafs may want to trade to him.

The depth defenceman in question is Leafs blueliner Carl Gunnarsson. Him and Leafs center Tyler Bozak have been longly rumoured to pack their bags.

What do you think of this deal? If this happened who would win the trade? 

Wednesday, 5 October 2011

NHL Western Conference Predictions

Here are my predictions for the Western Conference. Only 1 day till the season starts!

15. Dallas Stars
Pro: None
Con: Losing Brad Richards will make the offence worse.

14. Phoenix Coyotes
Pro: Raffi Torres will help them be tougher.
Con: The goaltending goes down a notch after the Ilya Bryzgalov left.

13. Edmonton Oilers
Pro: Nugent-Hopkins will help the offence.
Con: Losing Sheldon Souray will hurt the PP.

12. Minnesota Wild
Pro: Gaining Heatley will help the worst offence.
Con: Losing Brent Burns will make the D a little easier to score on.

11. Colorado Avalanche
Pro: The goaltending will be better.
Con: Losing JM Liles will woresen the D.

10. Columbus Blue Jackets
Pro: Gaining Jeff Carter means the goals will pile in.
Con: Could of done with a 1st round pick.

9. Calgary Flames
Pro: New GM Feaster will help them after Sutter's days.
Con: Regehr will make the D worse.

8. Nashville Predators
Pro: Ryan Ellis will help the D.
Con: With no good 70-80 point producer offence may struggle.

7. St. Louis Blues
Pro: Arnott will help being a scorer.
Con: David Perron may not play much.

6. Anaheim Ducks
Pro: Ryan Getzlaf is back from injury which mean...... more goals.

5. Los Angeles Kings
Pro: Mike Richards will help on PP and PK.
Con: Losing Ryan Smyth and Wayne Simmonds means losing grit.

4. Detroit Red Wings
Pro: Ian White will fill Brian Rafalski's role nicely.
Con: Losing Rafalski sucks.

3. San Jose Sharks
Pro: Brent Burns will strengthen the D.
Con: Losing Heatley will suck.

2. Vancouver Canucks
Pro: Alex Edler will produce more.
Con: Losing Ehrhoff will mean losing big time PP guy.

1. Chicago Blackhawks
Pro: Mre toughness will help
Con: None.

And our pick for the Stanley cup is..................... Pittisburgh Penguins over the Chicago Blackhawks. 

Monday, 3 October 2011

NHL Eastern Conference Predictions

The NHL season gets kicks off Thursday and that means some predictions. There is a big twist with one of them.

15. Ottawa Senators
Pro: Jared Cowen will help them a lot on the backend.
Con: Injuries could hurt this team a lot.

14. Florida Panthers
Pro: Kris Versteeg will help them on offence.
Con: Don't have a true superstar which hurts any team.

13. New Jersey Devils
Pro: If Ilya Kovalchuck play well they will move up in the standings.
Con: Can Marty Broduer play like Tim Thomas?

12. New York Islanders
Pro: Mark Streit coming back from injury will help.
Con: Lack of #1 goalie hurts.

11. Winnipeg Jets
Pro: The crowd will act like a 7th player on ice.
Con: Losing Anthony Stewart hurts.

10. Carolina Hurricanes
Pro: Thomas Kaberle at the point is great for the PP.
Con: Losing Erick Cole gives away toughness.

9. Montreal Canadiens
Pro: Andrei Markov coming back from injury helps.
Con: If Scott Gomez sucks the Canadiens will to.

8. Toronto Maple Leafs
Pro: Tim Connolly will help Phil Kessel alot.

7. New York Rangers:
Pro: Getting Brad Richards helps on everywhere.
Con: If Gaborik sinks, so will the Rangers.

6. Buffalo Sabres
Pro: Getting Leino, Regehr, and Ehroff rocks.
Con: Ryan Miller must play good or else.........

5. Tampa Bay Lightning
Pro: Carter Ashton may make the jump which helps.
Con: Losing Gagne hurts.

4. Philadelphia Flyers
Pro: If Jagr rocks.....
Con: If Jagr or Giroux falls.......

3. Pittsburgh Penguins
Pro: With Malkin coming back they got a great playmaker.
Con: Sid the Kid may be out for a while.

2. Boston Bruins
Pro: Joe Corvo will help the PP.
Con: Who will replace Recchi.

1. Washington Capitals
Pro: Great off season helps.
Con: If Ovi falls again.....yikes.

Friday, 30 September 2011

Baseball Predictions

More playoffs more predictions. This year the AL and NL wildcards were hot but will the two teams dominate in the playoffs? Find out below.

New York Yankees vs. Detroit Tigers

Outcome: I really see Justin Verlander continuing a dominating performance against the Yanks. Him and Miguel Cabrera doing really well. The Tigers pitching is really good and I think they can beat the Yanks. The Yanks half to do well batting and pitching. Jeter and A-Rod have to play well for them to have a chance. I think the Tigers will win it in 4 games.

Texas Rangers vs. Tampa Bay Rays

Outcome: I think the Rays will continue there amazing wild card come back against Boston and will find a way to win against Texas. Josh Hamilton has to do good but I project Evan Longoria to rise from star to superstar in this series. I think Tampa has the edge here.

Philadelphia Phillies vs. Saint Louis Cardinals

Outcome: The Phillies pitching is to good to not win this series. If the sees goes 4 games the Phillies have Roy Halladay, Clif Lee, Roy Oswalt, and Cole Hamels playing very good. Albert Pujols might find a gap in their pitching one game but that it. Philly takes in 4.

Arizona Diamond-Backs vs. Milwaukee Brewers

Outcome: Ryan Braun and Price Fielder are the decision makers in this series. I think they will both do well. Aaron Hill's batting average has been way better with the D-Backs then with the Jays. I think the Brewers win in 4.

Who do you think will win? Tell me in the comments.     

Monday, 26 September 2011

Winter Classic 2012 is in Philly!

The NHL Winter Classic 2012 is heading to Citizen Bank Ball Park in Philadelphia where the Philadelphia   Flyers will host the New York Rangers who are division rivals since 1974. The game will be held on January 2nd at 1 pm.

HBO is also coming back for a 24/7 with both teams. I think Scott Hartnell will be very funny on the show because of his cool personality. HBO did a good job at providing fans with an in-depth look at what happens inside the locker room and out. The whole thing was very entertaining.

  This Flyers jersey looks really cool and I think would be good fit for the team. The orangey colour is a great choice with the cool writing.

Do you think this Winter Classic ill be the greatest. If not what match up was your most favourite. Mine was The Caps against the Pens. Put your answer below in the comments.

Monday, 19 September 2011

NHL 12 Review

NHL 12 has come out but does it really bring the feel of real hockey?

NHl 12 has added new features which some are really good where as others are okay here I will go over them and then grade them.

Now the game gets even more real with this cool new feature. You can pop helmets off, hit an opposing player into a bench or even break the glass with a bone jarring hit. The Full Contact Physics Engine or FCPE for short delivered something that a hockey video game needs to have. The FCPE made the game feel more realistic then before with these hits. Overall this feature added something EA lack in NHL 12.

Full Contact Physics Engine:    A-

Balance Control
I think this feature was Ea's best add. In NHL 11 I was tired of seeing a 5 foot 10 defenceman nail a 6 foot 2 forward. The new balance control adds more realism that EA lacked with NHL 11. Now if the other team hits me I can still keep my balance and create a good scoring chance instead of getting nailed and falling to the ice. This feature I found worked well to give each team more scoring chances then NHL 11. Also I am not saying there are no big hits but just less and more added feel for the game.

Balance Control: A+

Anticipation A.I 

Were you tired of your players going to where the puck is or was and not being smart and going to where it will be? I was and this addition really helped the overall gameplay. Breakout passes are easier because players now realise that offence is now and they change from D to O quicker. Defence is easier and interceptions happen more which creates more counter attacks. This feature was really helpful in creating more chance for your team.

Anticipation A.I.:    A-

Goalie contact is better then ever. Now you can create more chaos in the crease then before and knock the net out of the moorings, hit the goalie and even fight a goalie. But dont hit the goaile too much or you will get a penalty. This feature is very fun and I like creating crease chos with my power forwards and this delivered my wish. On the powerplay I like to get the puck to the D and get screens in the net for deflections and this worked well for that. This is another great feature.

Goalie Contact:  A

Be a Pro: This feature has drastically improved with the new simulation shift feature. In NHL 11 I made my player play the whole game because I didn't want to leave to the bench and site there for 1 minute. Now you can sim up to your next shift which is way funner. You can also get coaches tasks where you try to complete a certain task. This feature also lets you play 4 seasons in the CHL and then make your way to the NHL.

Be a Pro:    B+

Be a Legend: Who wants to be Patrick Roy on the team of your choice? Now you can do that with him Wayne Gretzky, Gordie Howe, Ray Bourque and more. This feature is a very fun one but too much reminds me of Be a Pro. Maybe next year you could go back in time and play with Gretzky on the Oilers with Messier and Co. Now that would be very cool.

Be a Legend:    B

Overall: NHL 12 is the best hockey game to date and has very exciting new features. I hope you enjoyed my review.

NHL 12:    A+++++++++++++++++

Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Nhl 12 Review Coming!

Hey Guys,

Today has been a busy day for me with football and hockey so lets cut to the chase.

I have been wondering if you readers like 4-6 small posts a week like this or 2-3 large posts a week. Just answer in the comments and I will decide over the comments.

NHL 12 the video game has just been released and that is good news for us hockey fans. I will do a review either Sunday or Monday on the big game. Of all the new gameplay features I sure like the new Be A Pro Mode which I think looks sweet.

My server is rejecting any photos now but if you have seen the new case, what do you think of it. Is it EA's best or worst? Tell me in the comments.

Saturday, 10 September 2011

Black or White Hockey Tape?

White or Black Hockey Tape? All hockey fans have faced that decision before. Do I go with white or with black? First we need to record the advantages of both tapes.

Black: Black tape makes it harder for the defencemann or goalie to see the puck somewhat and may lose sight of the puck for a second. Also players can see their blade better because with white tape it blends in with the ice and may be harder to see. Black is easier to see the blade. But also if you ask a goalie if it makes a difference on which tape the player uses he or she will say there is no difference.

White: White tape gives "elite stickhandlers" the ability to see the puck better than with black tape because it gets the puck sometimes is hard to see with black tape on the blade. Also defenders may lose sight of the blade as it camouflages in with the ice.

3 of the top 5 goal leaders in the 2010-11 have used white tape. This is an actual fact. Only Ryan Kesler and Jarome Iginla are the only players to wear black tape on their blades. So is there really and advantage between black or white tape? Lets let the goalies decide.

Next time your looking for tape remember, there is no right or wrong, only black or white.

Saturday, 3 September 2011

Alex Ovechkin with Nike!

 Alex Ovechkin has signed a long term deal with Nike.

"I can confirm Alex has signed a long term global partnership with Nike." Ovechkin's IMG agent David Abrutyn said. " Alex is going to be supporting all of the products Nike makes - apparel, footwear, performance apparel,  casual wear, accessories and other elements of the Nike family of products. So he will be wearing their performance product when he's playing and practising, when he's training and in his lifestyle."

When news leaked that Ovie would leave CCM most people dis speculate Bauer over Warrior or Reebok.

Ovechkin has a press conference on September 6th, where he is expected to announce he will be endorsing Bauer gear.

On Bauer's website :  Yellow laces are on Bauer APX skates and the writing says " This Year Will Be Different".

Will we be seeing him in APX over Crazy Lights?

Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Favourite Photo of the Week

Sorry about not posting yesterday, I am at a hockey camp 9 am - 5 pm so I was pooped last night. Any way here is todays photo.

What do you think of Sherwood's new stick? I really dig the blue on the shaft and I think besides that the graphics are still cool. Players like Bobby Ryan will be using it so why not you. The only place right now you can buy it is at Pro Hockey Life until early November where it will be at other stores. It will have the same fibbers from top to bottom. It is also very light. The price is $189.99 here in Canada which means it is very expensive but offers great value.

What do you think would you buy this stick over a Easton, Bauer, CCM, or Reebok stick?

Saturday, 27 August 2011

Easton EQ 40 Stick Review

I recently got the Easton EQ 40 stick and it is the best stick I have ever had. I will tell you some of the features and then what I thought about it.

Shaft: Hybrid Kevlar - wrapped shaft for impact protection and vibration dampning.

Flex: The Flex is towards the bottom for a low kick point on the shaft. I have a 65 flex.

Grip: Slight sticky felling.

Blade: Focus Weight Technology - [10 grams] Redistributes weight to impact area to control hard passes and make the puck stick like glue.

Multi Rib and Micro Bladder blade adds durability and strength to the blade.

My Thoughts:

The stick is very lightweight and easy to grip. My power has really improved with this stick and so has my accuracy. I couldnt really feel the Focus Weight Technology working but the stick is still really good the stick is very durable. The stick had excellent hitting power and was really good with wrist shot and snapshots.

Overall: It is a really sweet stick and is the best in the $100-$150 range of sticks. Way better than the Warrior Vandal.

I hope you enjoyed my review and I will be back on Monday for more hockey news.

Monday, 22 August 2011

Warrior Vandal Review

Hey Guys,

I am getting a new hockey stick on Friday so I thought I could do a review on my current stick. My current stick is the Warrior Vandal.  It is a low priced stick with good technology that I will tell you about:

Blade: Soft-Core blade resist torque but allows for improved fell of the puck.

Grip: Rubber like feel

Shaft: Precision Taper focuses energy at lower quarter for easy load and release.
          Composite Deluxe internal construction increases fiber strand content for more durability.


Flex: 50

Patterns: Draper, Kovalchuck, Savard


Flex: 70

Patterns: Draper, Kovalchuck, Savard


Flex: 100, 85

Patterns: Draper, Kovalchuck, Savard, Kovalev, Gionta, Vanek

The stick was light enough for me and had great hitting power. The stick was also very durable for me. Overall it was a great stick with a great price.

By the way, I will not be back until Friday because I am going camping so I will miss some blogposts but I will give a review of whatever stick I do get.

Saturday, 20 August 2011

Rumour: Ovie with Bauer

There is a rumour going around that Alex Ovechkin may decided to go with Bauer this season instead of CCM. Take this with a grain a of salt because CCM has just started there new campaign with Ovie gear and it would be weird if he switched so soon. The only way to tell is when training camp starts.

My picture downloader wasn't working but I am sure we all know what Ovie's face looks like.

Friday, 19 August 2011

Sports News of the Week

This has been a very cool week in sports so the news is top-notch.

NHL= The NHL's Research and Development camp is taking place at the Mastercard Centre in Toronto. For those of you who don't know what that is it is when team officials decide over new rule changes to make the game more safe and exciting. The officials get a bonus by watching top prospects perform the rule changes. Some of the new rules may be:

1. One Touch Icing: When the other team dumps the puck without passing the centre ice redline. As soon as the puck passes the far goaline there is a whistle and icing has occurred instead of where two players race after the puck and if the defending team touches it then icing has occurred. Lots of injuries happened on those 1 on 1 battles.

2. Remove the trapezoid behind the goalie.That was pretty much useless.

3. Instead of after a 5 minute 4 on 4 overtime there is a shootout there will be a 3 on 3 overtime.

I think all of them are good ideas.


The NFL Preseason has started after the lockout and there were many interesting games with comebacks and amazing moments. Everyone is happy to have football back.


The Chinese Basketball Association has announced they will not let NBA players on contract to play on there teams but will still let free agents too. Just a cool fact.

The news this week was really cool. Hope you enjoyed it.  

Thursday, 18 August 2011

Part 3- Nutrition

Time for Part 3 in my series of conditioning for athletes. Today's topic is Nutrition. What good is an athlete when he eats junk food all day. You need lots of protein and electrolytes to get lots of energy.

Cheese is also a great food for protein and so is different types of meat. If we dont have lots of food and protein our body's will burn down and we will have no energy to play the sports we love. Check out this link down here for nutrition with trainer Gary Roberts :

I read the article and have to say I enjoyed it very much.

 Power Bars are great before or after games to provide or replace the energy you need for a great game. There are different types of Power Bars but I will soon provide a home made recipe for a power bar which provides you with energy and still tastes great. Yummmmm!!!

Bananas provide potassium which is a must for athletes. Banana's are one of my favourite foods because they are healthy and taste great.

Which food do you eat before you play sports for energy? Power Bars, apples or something else? Tell us in the comments.

Monday, 15 August 2011

New Schedule!

I have decided that I will create a new design for my blog. I will have a new schedule and design for my blog because I have been losing readers and I am not afraid to admit it. For now on I will put up more pictures and videos . First I will start with a new schedule so you readers know when I will post instead of waiting for me to post.

I will post 3-4 times a week on this schedule below.

Monday: Hockey- Anything on the lines of hockey.

Tuesday: Off Day

Wednesday : Top 10, Photo of the Week, Battle or a book, movie , video game review based on sports.

Thursday: Off Day

Friday: Top Sports Stories of the Week

Saturday: Sports Rumours = trades, free agent signings, stuff like that.

Sunday: Off Day

How do you like the new schedule? Tell me in the comments what you think. 

Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Photo of the Week

Hey guys,

Since the new NHL season is coming what do you think about the new Tampa Bay Lightning new jersey and logo? It kind of reminds me of the Toronto Maple Leafs with a Detriot Red Wings vibe. Does  anyone agree with me?
The black jersey above was their old home jersey. Do you like that look better than the new look or is the new look way better. As always sound off in the comments below on which you think is a better jersey and which other current teams logo reminds you of the new look.
This is the new home jersey.

This is the new away jersey.

Saturday, 6 August 2011

Part 2- Hydration

This is my second part in my 4 part series of sports conditioning for athletes. Today we will be talking about hydration. You can't be dehydrated and still expect to perform your best in any given physical activity. You must be full of fluids to replace all the sweat that you are losing during a tough game. When you do not have enough fluids in your body you become weak and tired and can not perform 110%.

Some of you may know that you can survive a week without food but you can only survive 2-3 days without fluids. Fluids make our body run well and help us in many activities. Without fluids our body will shut down and die.

You may here me say fluids a lot but I don't mean erik Coca Cola when playing hockey! Gatorade and water are the best things to drink well doing a sport.

Most people should drink 1-2 litres of water/gatorade 2 hours before game time. When on the bench drink quick large sips of water.

Gatorade is very good for the elite athlete because it replaces the fluids and energy you are losing well doing a physical activity. But water is better than Gatorade so that should be your first choice over any energy drink.

Lastly I found a great article on hydration at this link :

I hope you enjoyed my post.

Friday, 5 August 2011

Favourite Photo of the Week

This one photo symbolizes the NFL lockout. Now that free agency has started and all free agents are finding new homes we will all remember the year Roger Goodell locked out football.

Now this is more of a question than a real Favourite Photo of the Week post but what do you think is the most heartbreaking lockout.

1. The NHL 2004-05 Lockout

2. The NFL 2011 Lockout

I am personally a hockey fan and I think the 2004-05 lockout was a heartbreaking lockout but it ended greatly with Alex Ovechkin and Sid the Kid each starting their career

There is no Alex Ovechkin  or Sidney Crosby in this year's draft but I think most people think the NFL lockout was more heartbreaking.

Dish off in the comments about your opinion on the lockouts too.

Don't forget tomorrow is my  Part 2 in my 4 part series [hydration] of conditioning for sports.  

Monday, 1 August 2011

Recent Sports News

Well I was on vacation in New York most of this happened so I thought of doing a post on all the stuff I missed.

NFL: The NFL has decided to end the lockout! The NFL approved a new collective bargaining agreement by a 31-0 vote.The Players association approved the new CBA on July the 25th.

NHL: The New Jersey Devils have traded Brian Rolston to the New York Islanders for Trent Hunter pictured above. Both players are forwards. Rolston actually said he expected a trade away from New Jersey.

  MLB: Ervin Santana of the Los Angeles Angels threw a no hitter on July 28th. He was facing the Cleveland Indians and won the game 3-1. I am sorry but my computer is not uploading the image of Ervin so there is no photo for this one. 

Thursday, 28 July 2011

Photo of the Week

Honestly, I really do hate this logo. To me I like to see retro logos but this I think is one of the worst hockey jerseys ever. I know lots of people like the new logo but I would of preferred the old one. The only logo I really like is the top right one. I think that is a really good jersey compared to the main one.
Dustin Byfuglien is probably hating the uniform right now just like I do. The colour's just throw me off. I really don't like them at all.

I repeat this is one of the worst hockey logos of all time. The colours really suck and I think a lot of people would of preferred the old look.

Sunday, 24 July 2011

The NHL Store

The NHL Store is one of my favourite places in the world. I have been there two times and it is in NYC. The store is the home to any true hockey fan with apparel ranging from t-shirts to watches. The NHL Store also has the worlds largest composite stick sculpture ever. There are also exclusive NHL player visits. They have apparel from all 30 NHL and vintage teams too. Who dosent like a vintage Hartford Whalers shirt.
Like I said I have been there two times. The first time I got a Washington Capitals customized jersey and this year I got a Washington Capitals Alex Semin sweatshirt and a Washington Capitals hat. The stuff has a wide range of apparel.
The store also has an NHL themed Starbucks, which I thought was really cool.

Overall, I think this store is a must stop for anyone who loves hockey going to New York. It is just a very good store.

Sunday, 17 July 2011

Part 1 - Sleep

Hi fellow blog readers,

I am here to tell you that I will be going to NYC from Tuesday to Saturday so I will not be blogging. I may go to a New York Mets game on one of those days, and if I do I will blog about it. I just wanted you to know.

Back to the post. I have decide to do a 4 part series on things you need to do in the off season of any sport. Todays will be THE POWER OF SLEEP.
Rest is very important in the world of sports. You need rest after a tough game, a big workout or a fun practise. You can rest by sleeping of relaxing. I recommend 10 hours of sleep each day, but what do I know about rest.

Rest helps refuel your body after any exercise. You will play better with rest in whichever sport you play. If you try to play a game after partying past 2:00 am, you will not play as good as you possibly can. Think about it.

I also found a really good article about sleep for sports. The article is very well done and enjoyed. Here is the link:

Kids may want to stay up late on game days or non game days. But you remember you wont play as good without it.

Saturday, 16 July 2011

4 Part Series

My brother is into Harry Potter and has created blog called Please check it out and comment.

Back to the post. I thought of doing a 4 part series on the 4 big important things in off season hockey. Nutrition, Rest, Hydration, and Conditioning.

I am sorry for not writing a post in a long time. I have been busy with lots of sports.

Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Derek Jeter 3000th Hit

On July 9th in the 3rd inning of a sunny afternoon game against the Tampa Bay Rays David Price the Ray's star pitcher threw a 78mph curveball that Derek Jeter belted of left-field.

He is the 2nd player to hit his 3000th hit as a Home Run. Derek Jeter also played well hitting 5 for 5 and leading his team to a 5-4 victory. It took him 9604 At Batts  to hit 3000. Which is 10th alltime in that category. His first it was on May 30 1995 against the Seattle Mariners.

A 23 year old man named Christian Lopez caught and returned the ball without even thinking.

Derek Jeter  career is like an Oscar winning movie.

Sunday, 10 July 2011

Thigh Soreness?

Hi everybody, this post is going to be short because my thighs kill. I will tell you why.

I went for 1200M jog yesterday for hockey training and then did a couple lunges. I did strech before. When I woke up today my thighs were killing near the sides, top and my butt.I can barley get up a flight of stairs and the pain is worse getting down. When I bend my knees the top of my thighs hurt. I went for a bike ride today to loosen them up and that didnt help. I put on the gel muscle soreness thing and it helped a bit.

I was just wondering  if anyone knew what was wrong. Please leave an answer in the comments. Thanks.

Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Pete Rose All Star Story

With the MLB All Star Game coming up soon I thought it would be a good story to tell about Pete Rose and the All Stars. I heard this story in the book The Baseball By: Zack Hample.

Pete Rose sucked in the All Stars game. He played in 16 All Star games and batted .212. Before the 1978 game in San Diego Pete knew that Japanese baseballs can be hit further the MLB Balls. He then arranged for Mizuno to ship the balls to him.

At the All Star game at BP, him and his team mates went to the AL's clubhouse and asked the rival all stars if they wanted to watch the NL's BP. They agreed and the NL was cranking the balls over the wall. Everyone was hitting them deep even players who had bad power.

At the end of BP Rose collected all the balls before heading off. When the AL batted, the team could hardley get a homer.

Long story short, the NL ended up winning 7-3.  

Friday, 1 July 2011

Hockey Hall of Fame Inductees 2011

This year I think is one of the best HHOF Class's ever. They all deserve it including Mark Howe. Hre are the 2011 Inductees.

Ed Belfour : A very good goalie in his day. Won 1 Stanley Cup, 2 Vezina's for best goalie. Has 484 career regular season wins which is 3rd all-time.

Mark Howe : Is done living in his father Gordie's shadow and is [finally] in the HHOF. He was a very good offensive defenceman and picked up 742 points in 929 games.

Joe Nieuwendyk : Got 1126 points in 1257 career games. Won 3 Stanley Cups which  he was the MVP of the Finals in 1988-89 Conn Smythe.

Doug Gilmour : A very good 2 way forward that didn't have the hardest shot or was the fastest skater but  was one of the best 2 way palyer ever. 1414 points in 1474. Won the 1992-93 Selke Trophy.

Thursday, 30 June 2011

NHL Awards 2011 Overall

Sorry for this really short post but I have to go to hockey.

I was 3 for 3 in my preds for nhl awards and I think that was pretty good.

Will do anther post tomorrow of HHOF Inductees of 2011.

Friday, 24 June 2011

NHL Mock Draft 2011 Pt 3

This post was done the morning of the draft so I am not cheating. By the way I was 3 for 3 in NHL Awards yesterday.

21. Ottawa Senators - Tyler Biggs

22. Anaheim Ducks - Mark Scheifele

23. Pittisburgh Penguins - Oscar Klefborn

24. Detroit Red Wings - Joel Armia

25. Toronto Maple Leafs - Brandon Saad

26. Washington Capitals - Matt Puempel

27. Tampa Bay Lightning - Rocco Grimaldi

28. San Jose Sharks - Jonathan Miller

29. Vancouver Canucks - Connor Murphy

30. Toronto Maple Leafs - Ty Rattie

By the way the Blue Jackets 7th pick is now the Flyers after Philly's crazy day.  

Wednesday, 22 June 2011

NHL Awards 2011

I decided that I want to do more predictions for the awards and aI think it will be very exciting. Here are my predictions for the 3 major awards.

1. The Hart Trophy = MVP

Winner: Corey Perry

Why: I think Corey Perry wins it. He was really good with the Ducks this year leading the league in goals and I think the playoff failure will not count much.

2. The Norris Trophy= Best D-Man

Winner: Nick Lidstrom

Why: No player has performed so great in his career late. He will play another year and aI think that will be a good year. He played very well in all 3 zones of the ice and can last long for a long time. I think he will really win.

3. The Vezina Trophy= Best Goalie

Winner: Tim Thomas

Why: He played really well the whole year and was hands down the best goalie in the league and topped it off with the Stanley Cup. He played well in the regular season and the playoffs and will win the award.

Sound off in the comments for who you think will win. 

Saturday, 18 June 2011

NHL Mock Draft 2011 Pt 2

These are my picks for numbers 11-20. There is a cool website called A great blog for hockey players of all ages. Now to the picks:

11. Colorado Avalanche - Jonathon Huberdeau

12. Carolina Hurricanes - Sven Bartschi

13. Calgary Flames - Mark Mcneil

14. Dallas Stars - Joseph Morrow

15. New York Rangers - Zack Phillips

16. Buffalo Sabres - Jamieson Oleksiak

17. Montreal Canadians - Jonas Brodin

18. Chicago Blackhawks - Boone Jenner

19. Edmonton Oilers - Tomas Jurco

20. Phoenix Coyotes - Nicklas Jensen

Thats it for today folks.

Thursday, 16 June 2011

Playoff Predictions Results

Did anybody watch last nights game? I think it was a very good game and the best in the series. Patrice Bergeron played very well but I think Mark Recchi played well and deserved the cup the most. Here are my results for all of the rounds.

1st Round = I got 7 out of 8 correct. I cant believe I picked Boston to lose.

2nd Round = I was 0 out of 4. My worst yet.

3rd Round = A very good 2 out of 2, currently 9 out of 14.

Final = I picked Vancouver but Boston won.

Overall: Was 9 out of 15, not bad but not great.

Did you watch the game last night? Sound off in the comments about what you thought.  

Tuesday, 14 June 2011

The Longshots Review

Last night I watched a movie called "The Longshots" starring Ice Cube and Keke Palmer. I will tell you the plot and then rate it.

The Plot: Jasmine Plummer [Keke Palmer]  is a girl who does not have any friends and is always alone. When her mom needs to work the nightshift she gets Jasmine's uncle Curtis [Ice Cube] to take care of her. When Curtis finds Jasmine has football talent he gets her on the local team. The team is very bad but Jasmine makes the team unstopable. Jasmine's father shows up who has abandoned her. The team the Mindin Browns makes the Pop Warner Super Bowl the team does not have enough money so Curtis gives his savings money he was using to get to Florida for. Jasmine's dad promised to be at the big game but he does not show up. In the dying seconds of the game with the Browns losing Jasmine throws a pass that is incomplete and the other team wins. As they return to Mindin the city is very proud of them.

The Rating: I would give this movie an A+. My parents even liked it. It was a very good film.  

Saturday, 11 June 2011

Favourite Photo of the Week

I really like this photo.

The Photo: With the new team in Winnipeg I really think this would be a great jersey for the new team if the name will be the Jets. The colours are very bold and I really like the logo. Imagine Andrew Ladd in this jersey it would be totally cool. I like the logo so much. I would buy this jersey in a heart beat. A great photo.

Wednesday, 8 June 2011

NHL Mock Draft 2011

Every couple days I will show my picks for 10 players hoping to get drafted. Today I will do 1-10.

1. Edmonton Oilers - Adam Larsson

2. Colorado Avalanche - Ryan Nugent-Hopkins

3. Florida Panthers - Gabriel Landeskog

4. Devils - Sean Couturier

5. New York Islanders - Nathan Beaulieu

6. Ottawa Senators - Dougie Hamilton

7. Winnipeg Jets/Manitoba Moose - Ryan Strome

8. Columbus Blue Jackets - Ryan Murphy

9. Boston Bruins - Mika Zibanejad

10. Duncan Siemens - Minnisota Wild

That is it for today, look out for picks 11-20


Sunday, 5 June 2011

Winnipeg Jets

As some of you may have heard that the Atlanta Thrashers are being moved to Winnipeg. There are many questions but only one is clear... there will be fans! They have sold 1300 tickets in the first 10 minutes of the sale. Here are some good questions about the new franchise.

Question: What will the team be called?
Answer : I think the team will be called the Winnipeg Jets but there is some people who want to call it the Manitoba Moose. I think they will say the teams's name before the NHL Entry Draft.

Q: Will players sign there?
A: I think the Winnipeg Jets/ Manitoba Moose will have some trouble signing there. I think Andrew Ladd will sign and maybe a bunch of this years free agents will band together like Miami's Big 3. Imagine Brad Richards, and Teemu Selanne will be a very good team.

Q: How much is the team worth?
A: The most valuable NHL franchise is the Toronto Maple Leafs with $505 million dollars and the Atlanta Thrashers are second last with $135 million. The big difference is Toronto is avery hockey crazy city well Winnipeg dosent have very many population.

What about you, what are your answers to the questions?

Monday, 30 May 2011

NHL Stanley Cup Final Playoff Predictions

In the 3rd round I was a good 2 for 2 on my predictions so you should still listen to me after my horrible 2nd round where I was 0 for 4. Here goes.

[Western Conference 1] Vancouver Canucks vs. Boston Bruins[ Eastern Conference 3]

The Outcome: I pick Vancouver in 6 games. I think The Sedins are getting really hot and will tear up the game but I think that Boston will play well if they don't give up lots on penalties. I think Nathan Horton his starting to play very good. It will be a tough few games but think the Canucks will pull of the victory.

I was on Zack Hample's blog which you can find on my favourite websites. Here is the link:

I am on the right.   

Sunday, 29 May 2011

Friday, May 27 @ Rogers Center

Yesterday I went to my first ballgame where I was trying to ballhawk. I will retell the whole ballhawking day and the game.

The day began with us picking up our tickets at a will call window which did not take that long.

When we walked inside we found out we just missed the Blue Jays half of BP (batting practice). The White Sox were hitting some longballs deep but went to the left field foul line. I think Alex Rios hit a squibber down the foul line and my brother Jack reached down and gloved it. 1 game, 1 ball. Perfect.

I then got a ball from a player who caught a fly ball and hurled it to me.

MY FIRST BALL= AWESOME. I then spotted Alexei Ramirez came to talk to the fans and I asked him to sign my ball and...... he said yes.

The day just got better. We then moved to the outfield where we met the best ballhawk ever Zack Hample! We shared some greetings and then took a photo.

He was very nice. He signed my brother's ball and then my book. My book was his new one "The Baseball." I did a review way back in April so look there. Then I saw a group of players huddling together and ran there hoping they would throw the ball to me and BINGO.

The ball had a great grass stain on its seams. Then I think Chris Sale threw me another line drive and there was a orange stain on it from the warning track.

Then a player I did not recognize threw me a ball which I gave to my brother who thinks he snagged it.[Crazy]. The game finally started and check out our seats.

This was 3rd out heaven. As the game started I did'nt care who won I wanted a 3rd out ball, but I kept on trying.  Mr. Juan Rivera had the ball on 2 occasions and did not even throw it my way. Then he had it again jogging towards me, I put my glove up hoping to here the nice smack of the ball meeting my glove but he threw it my way and.......... directed it to a toddler. Thanks Mr. Rivera you ruined my day.

The game ended with the Blue Jays winning 4-2. The game was very good but Kyle Drabek walked lots of batters. It was crazy.

The day ended with 5 balls in 1 half of BP. I am coming 3 hours early next time. It was so fun.