Monday, 21 March 2011

The Curve

I really like hockey stick curves. It's cool to look at the good ones and bad ones.

My favourite is the Crazy Ovi. The mid curve and open face rocks. Heaven!!!!!

Some of you might be thinking What the heck is a hockey stick curve?? I will tell you. 

Every curve is good for something -  deflections for the Seguin curve, stick-handling for the Kessel curve. Lots of different goodies. I have the sick Kovalchuck curve. Here are the top 10 best and worst curves [in my opinion].


1. Crazy Ovi
2. Nash
3. Crosby/P87A
4. Hedman/P40
5. Savard
6. Kovalchuck
7. Stall/P91A
8. Hall
9. Backstrom/P92
10. Lidstrom


1. Malkin/PM9
2. Kovalev
3. Thornton
4. Vanek
5. Tavares
6. Stastny
7. Heatley
8. Iginla
9. Sakic
10. Zetterberg


Anonymous said...

That Ovi curve is totally sick dude....your gonna kill some old lady in the stands with that thing!!!!

Jeremy said...

I can't believe you like the crazi ovi!!! It's like a fish hook, haha. A bit too wild for my liking