Thursday, 24 March 2011

My Thoughts on Concussions - Part 1

No one can escape hockey's worst injury: the CONCUSSION. The NHL [Ugh...Gerry Bettman] is trying to crackdown on concussions. We all know Sidney Crosby and Marc Savard (to name a few) have been hit by one. But now almost  every other day a player gets hit by one. 

The Chara/Pacioretty hit was..... don't get me started on Big Z! The biggest goof in the NHL is now the roughest.  This article is not about Zdeno, but I'm sorry when I think of his name it makes me want to lose my mind. 

One of the dirtiest plays in hockey so far this year was the Stefan/Green hit. It ended with a concussion for Green.  Come on!! In the GTHL you would get suspended for retaliation . You can see it here:

I have a friend named Eddie who has had 2 concussions in 4 days and I am going to interview him for next week. Stay tuned...

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