Thursday, 28 July 2011

Photo of the Week

Honestly, I really do hate this logo. To me I like to see retro logos but this I think is one of the worst hockey jerseys ever. I know lots of people like the new logo but I would of preferred the old one. The only logo I really like is the top right one. I think that is a really good jersey compared to the main one.
Dustin Byfuglien is probably hating the uniform right now just like I do. The colour's just throw me off. I really don't like them at all.

I repeat this is one of the worst hockey logos of all time. The colours really suck and I think a lot of people would of preferred the old look.

Sunday, 24 July 2011

The NHL Store

The NHL Store is one of my favourite places in the world. I have been there two times and it is in NYC. The store is the home to any true hockey fan with apparel ranging from t-shirts to watches. The NHL Store also has the worlds largest composite stick sculpture ever. There are also exclusive NHL player visits. They have apparel from all 30 NHL and vintage teams too. Who dosent like a vintage Hartford Whalers shirt.
Like I said I have been there two times. The first time I got a Washington Capitals customized jersey and this year I got a Washington Capitals Alex Semin sweatshirt and a Washington Capitals hat. The stuff has a wide range of apparel.
The store also has an NHL themed Starbucks, which I thought was really cool.

Overall, I think this store is a must stop for anyone who loves hockey going to New York. It is just a very good store.

Sunday, 17 July 2011

Part 1 - Sleep

Hi fellow blog readers,

I am here to tell you that I will be going to NYC from Tuesday to Saturday so I will not be blogging. I may go to a New York Mets game on one of those days, and if I do I will blog about it. I just wanted you to know.

Back to the post. I have decide to do a 4 part series on things you need to do in the off season of any sport. Todays will be THE POWER OF SLEEP.
Rest is very important in the world of sports. You need rest after a tough game, a big workout or a fun practise. You can rest by sleeping of relaxing. I recommend 10 hours of sleep each day, but what do I know about rest.

Rest helps refuel your body after any exercise. You will play better with rest in whichever sport you play. If you try to play a game after partying past 2:00 am, you will not play as good as you possibly can. Think about it.

I also found a really good article about sleep for sports. The article is very well done and enjoyed. Here is the link:

Kids may want to stay up late on game days or non game days. But you remember you wont play as good without it.

Saturday, 16 July 2011

4 Part Series

My brother is into Harry Potter and has created blog called Please check it out and comment.

Back to the post. I thought of doing a 4 part series on the 4 big important things in off season hockey. Nutrition, Rest, Hydration, and Conditioning.

I am sorry for not writing a post in a long time. I have been busy with lots of sports.

Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Derek Jeter 3000th Hit

On July 9th in the 3rd inning of a sunny afternoon game against the Tampa Bay Rays David Price the Ray's star pitcher threw a 78mph curveball that Derek Jeter belted of left-field.

He is the 2nd player to hit his 3000th hit as a Home Run. Derek Jeter also played well hitting 5 for 5 and leading his team to a 5-4 victory. It took him 9604 At Batts  to hit 3000. Which is 10th alltime in that category. His first it was on May 30 1995 against the Seattle Mariners.

A 23 year old man named Christian Lopez caught and returned the ball without even thinking.

Derek Jeter  career is like an Oscar winning movie.

Sunday, 10 July 2011

Thigh Soreness?

Hi everybody, this post is going to be short because my thighs kill. I will tell you why.

I went for 1200M jog yesterday for hockey training and then did a couple lunges. I did strech before. When I woke up today my thighs were killing near the sides, top and my butt.I can barley get up a flight of stairs and the pain is worse getting down. When I bend my knees the top of my thighs hurt. I went for a bike ride today to loosen them up and that didnt help. I put on the gel muscle soreness thing and it helped a bit.

I was just wondering  if anyone knew what was wrong. Please leave an answer in the comments. Thanks.

Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Pete Rose All Star Story

With the MLB All Star Game coming up soon I thought it would be a good story to tell about Pete Rose and the All Stars. I heard this story in the book The Baseball By: Zack Hample.

Pete Rose sucked in the All Stars game. He played in 16 All Star games and batted .212. Before the 1978 game in San Diego Pete knew that Japanese baseballs can be hit further the MLB Balls. He then arranged for Mizuno to ship the balls to him.

At the All Star game at BP, him and his team mates went to the AL's clubhouse and asked the rival all stars if they wanted to watch the NL's BP. They agreed and the NL was cranking the balls over the wall. Everyone was hitting them deep even players who had bad power.

At the end of BP Rose collected all the balls before heading off. When the AL batted, the team could hardley get a homer.

Long story short, the NL ended up winning 7-3.  

Friday, 1 July 2011

Hockey Hall of Fame Inductees 2011

This year I think is one of the best HHOF Class's ever. They all deserve it including Mark Howe. Hre are the 2011 Inductees.

Ed Belfour : A very good goalie in his day. Won 1 Stanley Cup, 2 Vezina's for best goalie. Has 484 career regular season wins which is 3rd all-time.

Mark Howe : Is done living in his father Gordie's shadow and is [finally] in the HHOF. He was a very good offensive defenceman and picked up 742 points in 929 games.

Joe Nieuwendyk : Got 1126 points in 1257 career games. Won 3 Stanley Cups which  he was the MVP of the Finals in 1988-89 Conn Smythe.

Doug Gilmour : A very good 2 way forward that didn't have the hardest shot or was the fastest skater but  was one of the best 2 way palyer ever. 1414 points in 1474. Won the 1992-93 Selke Trophy.