Friday, 30 September 2011

Baseball Predictions

More playoffs more predictions. This year the AL and NL wildcards were hot but will the two teams dominate in the playoffs? Find out below.

New York Yankees vs. Detroit Tigers

Outcome: I really see Justin Verlander continuing a dominating performance against the Yanks. Him and Miguel Cabrera doing really well. The Tigers pitching is really good and I think they can beat the Yanks. The Yanks half to do well batting and pitching. Jeter and A-Rod have to play well for them to have a chance. I think the Tigers will win it in 4 games.

Texas Rangers vs. Tampa Bay Rays

Outcome: I think the Rays will continue there amazing wild card come back against Boston and will find a way to win against Texas. Josh Hamilton has to do good but I project Evan Longoria to rise from star to superstar in this series. I think Tampa has the edge here.

Philadelphia Phillies vs. Saint Louis Cardinals

Outcome: The Phillies pitching is to good to not win this series. If the sees goes 4 games the Phillies have Roy Halladay, Clif Lee, Roy Oswalt, and Cole Hamels playing very good. Albert Pujols might find a gap in their pitching one game but that it. Philly takes in 4.

Arizona Diamond-Backs vs. Milwaukee Brewers

Outcome: Ryan Braun and Price Fielder are the decision makers in this series. I think they will both do well. Aaron Hill's batting average has been way better with the D-Backs then with the Jays. I think the Brewers win in 4.

Who do you think will win? Tell me in the comments.     

Monday, 26 September 2011

Winter Classic 2012 is in Philly!

The NHL Winter Classic 2012 is heading to Citizen Bank Ball Park in Philadelphia where the Philadelphia   Flyers will host the New York Rangers who are division rivals since 1974. The game will be held on January 2nd at 1 pm.

HBO is also coming back for a 24/7 with both teams. I think Scott Hartnell will be very funny on the show because of his cool personality. HBO did a good job at providing fans with an in-depth look at what happens inside the locker room and out. The whole thing was very entertaining.

  This Flyers jersey looks really cool and I think would be good fit for the team. The orangey colour is a great choice with the cool writing.

Do you think this Winter Classic ill be the greatest. If not what match up was your most favourite. Mine was The Caps against the Pens. Put your answer below in the comments.

Monday, 19 September 2011

NHL 12 Review

NHL 12 has come out but does it really bring the feel of real hockey?

NHl 12 has added new features which some are really good where as others are okay here I will go over them and then grade them.

Now the game gets even more real with this cool new feature. You can pop helmets off, hit an opposing player into a bench or even break the glass with a bone jarring hit. The Full Contact Physics Engine or FCPE for short delivered something that a hockey video game needs to have. The FCPE made the game feel more realistic then before with these hits. Overall this feature added something EA lack in NHL 12.

Full Contact Physics Engine:    A-

Balance Control
I think this feature was Ea's best add. In NHL 11 I was tired of seeing a 5 foot 10 defenceman nail a 6 foot 2 forward. The new balance control adds more realism that EA lacked with NHL 11. Now if the other team hits me I can still keep my balance and create a good scoring chance instead of getting nailed and falling to the ice. This feature I found worked well to give each team more scoring chances then NHL 11. Also I am not saying there are no big hits but just less and more added feel for the game.

Balance Control: A+

Anticipation A.I 

Were you tired of your players going to where the puck is or was and not being smart and going to where it will be? I was and this addition really helped the overall gameplay. Breakout passes are easier because players now realise that offence is now and they change from D to O quicker. Defence is easier and interceptions happen more which creates more counter attacks. This feature was really helpful in creating more chance for your team.

Anticipation A.I.:    A-

Goalie contact is better then ever. Now you can create more chaos in the crease then before and knock the net out of the moorings, hit the goalie and even fight a goalie. But dont hit the goaile too much or you will get a penalty. This feature is very fun and I like creating crease chos with my power forwards and this delivered my wish. On the powerplay I like to get the puck to the D and get screens in the net for deflections and this worked well for that. This is another great feature.

Goalie Contact:  A

Be a Pro: This feature has drastically improved with the new simulation shift feature. In NHL 11 I made my player play the whole game because I didn't want to leave to the bench and site there for 1 minute. Now you can sim up to your next shift which is way funner. You can also get coaches tasks where you try to complete a certain task. This feature also lets you play 4 seasons in the CHL and then make your way to the NHL.

Be a Pro:    B+

Be a Legend: Who wants to be Patrick Roy on the team of your choice? Now you can do that with him Wayne Gretzky, Gordie Howe, Ray Bourque and more. This feature is a very fun one but too much reminds me of Be a Pro. Maybe next year you could go back in time and play with Gretzky on the Oilers with Messier and Co. Now that would be very cool.

Be a Legend:    B

Overall: NHL 12 is the best hockey game to date and has very exciting new features. I hope you enjoyed my review.

NHL 12:    A+++++++++++++++++

Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Nhl 12 Review Coming!

Hey Guys,

Today has been a busy day for me with football and hockey so lets cut to the chase.

I have been wondering if you readers like 4-6 small posts a week like this or 2-3 large posts a week. Just answer in the comments and I will decide over the comments.

NHL 12 the video game has just been released and that is good news for us hockey fans. I will do a review either Sunday or Monday on the big game. Of all the new gameplay features I sure like the new Be A Pro Mode which I think looks sweet.

My server is rejecting any photos now but if you have seen the new case, what do you think of it. Is it EA's best or worst? Tell me in the comments.

Saturday, 10 September 2011

Black or White Hockey Tape?

White or Black Hockey Tape? All hockey fans have faced that decision before. Do I go with white or with black? First we need to record the advantages of both tapes.

Black: Black tape makes it harder for the defencemann or goalie to see the puck somewhat and may lose sight of the puck for a second. Also players can see their blade better because with white tape it blends in with the ice and may be harder to see. Black is easier to see the blade. But also if you ask a goalie if it makes a difference on which tape the player uses he or she will say there is no difference.

White: White tape gives "elite stickhandlers" the ability to see the puck better than with black tape because it gets the puck sometimes is hard to see with black tape on the blade. Also defenders may lose sight of the blade as it camouflages in with the ice.

3 of the top 5 goal leaders in the 2010-11 have used white tape. This is an actual fact. Only Ryan Kesler and Jarome Iginla are the only players to wear black tape on their blades. So is there really and advantage between black or white tape? Lets let the goalies decide.

Next time your looking for tape remember, there is no right or wrong, only black or white.

Saturday, 3 September 2011

Alex Ovechkin with Nike!

 Alex Ovechkin has signed a long term deal with Nike.

"I can confirm Alex has signed a long term global partnership with Nike." Ovechkin's IMG agent David Abrutyn said. " Alex is going to be supporting all of the products Nike makes - apparel, footwear, performance apparel,  casual wear, accessories and other elements of the Nike family of products. So he will be wearing their performance product when he's playing and practising, when he's training and in his lifestyle."

When news leaked that Ovie would leave CCM most people dis speculate Bauer over Warrior or Reebok.

Ovechkin has a press conference on September 6th, where he is expected to announce he will be endorsing Bauer gear.

On Bauer's website :  Yellow laces are on Bauer APX skates and the writing says " This Year Will Be Different".

Will we be seeing him in APX over Crazy Lights?