Tuesday, 14 June 2011

The Longshots Review

Last night I watched a movie called "The Longshots" starring Ice Cube and Keke Palmer. I will tell you the plot and then rate it.

The Plot: Jasmine Plummer [Keke Palmer]  is a girl who does not have any friends and is always alone. When her mom needs to work the nightshift she gets Jasmine's uncle Curtis [Ice Cube] to take care of her. When Curtis finds Jasmine has football talent he gets her on the local team. The team is very bad but Jasmine makes the team unstopable. Jasmine's father shows up who has abandoned her. The team the Mindin Browns makes the Pop Warner Super Bowl the team does not have enough money so Curtis gives his savings money he was using to get to Florida for. Jasmine's dad promised to be at the big game but he does not show up. In the dying seconds of the game with the Browns losing Jasmine throws a pass that is incomplete and the other team wins. As they return to Mindin the city is very proud of them.

The Rating: I would give this movie an A+. My parents even liked it. It was a very good film.  

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