Monday, 3 October 2011

NHL Eastern Conference Predictions

The NHL season gets kicks off Thursday and that means some predictions. There is a big twist with one of them.

15. Ottawa Senators
Pro: Jared Cowen will help them a lot on the backend.
Con: Injuries could hurt this team a lot.

14. Florida Panthers
Pro: Kris Versteeg will help them on offence.
Con: Don't have a true superstar which hurts any team.

13. New Jersey Devils
Pro: If Ilya Kovalchuck play well they will move up in the standings.
Con: Can Marty Broduer play like Tim Thomas?

12. New York Islanders
Pro: Mark Streit coming back from injury will help.
Con: Lack of #1 goalie hurts.

11. Winnipeg Jets
Pro: The crowd will act like a 7th player on ice.
Con: Losing Anthony Stewart hurts.

10. Carolina Hurricanes
Pro: Thomas Kaberle at the point is great for the PP.
Con: Losing Erick Cole gives away toughness.

9. Montreal Canadiens
Pro: Andrei Markov coming back from injury helps.
Con: If Scott Gomez sucks the Canadiens will to.

8. Toronto Maple Leafs
Pro: Tim Connolly will help Phil Kessel alot.

7. New York Rangers:
Pro: Getting Brad Richards helps on everywhere.
Con: If Gaborik sinks, so will the Rangers.

6. Buffalo Sabres
Pro: Getting Leino, Regehr, and Ehroff rocks.
Con: Ryan Miller must play good or else.........

5. Tampa Bay Lightning
Pro: Carter Ashton may make the jump which helps.
Con: Losing Gagne hurts.

4. Philadelphia Flyers
Pro: If Jagr rocks.....
Con: If Jagr or Giroux falls.......

3. Pittsburgh Penguins
Pro: With Malkin coming back they got a great playmaker.
Con: Sid the Kid may be out for a while.

2. Boston Bruins
Pro: Joe Corvo will help the PP.
Con: Who will replace Recchi.

1. Washington Capitals
Pro: Great off season helps.
Con: If Ovi falls again.....yikes.

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