Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Favourite Photo of the Week

I wanted to do a blogpost today and wondered if maybe since I love looking at photos I could start a new thing called "Favourite Photo of the Week." Give me some feedback if you want to see more.

The Photo: Exhibition Stadium seating plan.

Why I chose it: Look at the ticket prices. They are so cheap. I could of bought lots of tickets. You could be [almost] hit by foul tips for $15. The stadium's layout is really sick. I think it is better then Rogers Center. You could catch so many foul balls. Overall I thought it was a really cool layout compared to other MLB stadiums.

Remember to tell me if you like it.


Andrew said...

Great idea Ben. I think you should keep doing favourite photo of the week.


Leafsforever said...

I can remember going to the Jays games at Exhibition Stadium and sitting in the outfield seats(covered) with the pigeons. Great idea and keep up the good work.