Sunday, 29 May 2011

Friday, May 27 @ Rogers Center

Yesterday I went to my first ballgame where I was trying to ballhawk. I will retell the whole ballhawking day and the game.

The day began with us picking up our tickets at a will call window which did not take that long.

When we walked inside we found out we just missed the Blue Jays half of BP (batting practice). The White Sox were hitting some longballs deep but went to the left field foul line. I think Alex Rios hit a squibber down the foul line and my brother Jack reached down and gloved it. 1 game, 1 ball. Perfect.

I then got a ball from a player who caught a fly ball and hurled it to me.

MY FIRST BALL= AWESOME. I then spotted Alexei Ramirez came to talk to the fans and I asked him to sign my ball and...... he said yes.

The day just got better. We then moved to the outfield where we met the best ballhawk ever Zack Hample! We shared some greetings and then took a photo.

He was very nice. He signed my brother's ball and then my book. My book was his new one "The Baseball." I did a review way back in April so look there. Then I saw a group of players huddling together and ran there hoping they would throw the ball to me and BINGO.

The ball had a great grass stain on its seams. Then I think Chris Sale threw me another line drive and there was a orange stain on it from the warning track.

Then a player I did not recognize threw me a ball which I gave to my brother who thinks he snagged it.[Crazy]. The game finally started and check out our seats.

This was 3rd out heaven. As the game started I did'nt care who won I wanted a 3rd out ball, but I kept on trying.  Mr. Juan Rivera had the ball on 2 occasions and did not even throw it my way. Then he had it again jogging towards me, I put my glove up hoping to here the nice smack of the ball meeting my glove but he threw it my way and.......... directed it to a toddler. Thanks Mr. Rivera you ruined my day.

The game ended with the Blue Jays winning 4-2. The game was very good but Kyle Drabek walked lots of batters. It was crazy.

The day ended with 5 balls in 1 half of BP. I am coming 3 hours early next time. It was so fun.


Beth said...

What a great day Ben!! Your review is absolutely awesome! Great work. Good luck next time. Maybe you could take Sam and they will give her a ball since they seem to like the young ones. haha!!

Anonymous said...

good job writing.....having met you..your sports knowledge is like you come up with all that stuff is crazy.
craig aka the shark..friend of your dads...........

vern said...

Good job Ben.Another great balhawker --if you haven't seen it. Keep up the good work...

Anonymous said...

3 Hours early next time!!!!!!