Tuesday, 3 May 2011

My Top 10 Crazy Fans!

  I thought of doing a top 10 today and thought of craziest sports fans. Did you know their are crazy Cricket fans?

10. Who knew people liked Cricket?

9. Canada fans love their hockey and beer.   

8. Wow! His brother is dumb.

7. Who could forget this? The police officer sure is mean.

6. The Boston fans are weird.

5. Who dresses all in green?

4. Madden 12 fans. Whoever made this is crazy.

 3. Montreal loves hockey.

2. WWE fans are weird.

1. TFC fans are very loyal.


Mom said...

Great post, Ben. I love the idea of top 10 lists. Maybe you should do one every week.

Anonymous said...

I wonder if Glenn Healy has seen the pic of the green men from Vancouver?