Saturday, 10 September 2011

Black or White Hockey Tape?

White or Black Hockey Tape? All hockey fans have faced that decision before. Do I go with white or with black? First we need to record the advantages of both tapes.

Black: Black tape makes it harder for the defencemann or goalie to see the puck somewhat and may lose sight of the puck for a second. Also players can see their blade better because with white tape it blends in with the ice and may be harder to see. Black is easier to see the blade. But also if you ask a goalie if it makes a difference on which tape the player uses he or she will say there is no difference.

White: White tape gives "elite stickhandlers" the ability to see the puck better than with black tape because it gets the puck sometimes is hard to see with black tape on the blade. Also defenders may lose sight of the blade as it camouflages in with the ice.

3 of the top 5 goal leaders in the 2010-11 have used white tape. This is an actual fact. Only Ryan Kesler and Jarome Iginla are the only players to wear black tape on their blades. So is there really and advantage between black or white tape? Lets let the goalies decide.

Next time your looking for tape remember, there is no right or wrong, only black or white.

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