Monday, 19 September 2011

NHL 12 Review

NHL 12 has come out but does it really bring the feel of real hockey?

NHl 12 has added new features which some are really good where as others are okay here I will go over them and then grade them.

Now the game gets even more real with this cool new feature. You can pop helmets off, hit an opposing player into a bench or even break the glass with a bone jarring hit. The Full Contact Physics Engine or FCPE for short delivered something that a hockey video game needs to have. The FCPE made the game feel more realistic then before with these hits. Overall this feature added something EA lack in NHL 12.

Full Contact Physics Engine:    A-

Balance Control
I think this feature was Ea's best add. In NHL 11 I was tired of seeing a 5 foot 10 defenceman nail a 6 foot 2 forward. The new balance control adds more realism that EA lacked with NHL 11. Now if the other team hits me I can still keep my balance and create a good scoring chance instead of getting nailed and falling to the ice. This feature I found worked well to give each team more scoring chances then NHL 11. Also I am not saying there are no big hits but just less and more added feel for the game.

Balance Control: A+

Anticipation A.I 

Were you tired of your players going to where the puck is or was and not being smart and going to where it will be? I was and this addition really helped the overall gameplay. Breakout passes are easier because players now realise that offence is now and they change from D to O quicker. Defence is easier and interceptions happen more which creates more counter attacks. This feature was really helpful in creating more chance for your team.

Anticipation A.I.:    A-

Goalie contact is better then ever. Now you can create more chaos in the crease then before and knock the net out of the moorings, hit the goalie and even fight a goalie. But dont hit the goaile too much or you will get a penalty. This feature is very fun and I like creating crease chos with my power forwards and this delivered my wish. On the powerplay I like to get the puck to the D and get screens in the net for deflections and this worked well for that. This is another great feature.

Goalie Contact:  A

Be a Pro: This feature has drastically improved with the new simulation shift feature. In NHL 11 I made my player play the whole game because I didn't want to leave to the bench and site there for 1 minute. Now you can sim up to your next shift which is way funner. You can also get coaches tasks where you try to complete a certain task. This feature also lets you play 4 seasons in the CHL and then make your way to the NHL.

Be a Pro:    B+

Be a Legend: Who wants to be Patrick Roy on the team of your choice? Now you can do that with him Wayne Gretzky, Gordie Howe, Ray Bourque and more. This feature is a very fun one but too much reminds me of Be a Pro. Maybe next year you could go back in time and play with Gretzky on the Oilers with Messier and Co. Now that would be very cool.

Be a Legend:    B

Overall: NHL 12 is the best hockey game to date and has very exciting new features. I hope you enjoyed my review.

NHL 12:    A+++++++++++++++++

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Fantastic review on the newest NHL game. Great job