Saturday, 3 September 2011

Alex Ovechkin with Nike!

 Alex Ovechkin has signed a long term deal with Nike.

"I can confirm Alex has signed a long term global partnership with Nike." Ovechkin's IMG agent David Abrutyn said. " Alex is going to be supporting all of the products Nike makes - apparel, footwear, performance apparel,  casual wear, accessories and other elements of the Nike family of products. So he will be wearing their performance product when he's playing and practising, when he's training and in his lifestyle."

When news leaked that Ovie would leave CCM most people dis speculate Bauer over Warrior or Reebok.

Ovechkin has a press conference on September 6th, where he is expected to announce he will be endorsing Bauer gear.

On Bauer's website :  Yellow laces are on Bauer APX skates and the writing says " This Year Will Be Different".

Will we be seeing him in APX over Crazy Lights?

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Jan @ Family Bites said...

Great writing, Ben! Make sure you're commenting on other sports blogs out there....xoxox