Friday, 29 April 2011

NHL 2nd Round Playoff Predictions

The 1st round was really exciting on the Game 7's. Now its time for the 2nd round.

[1] Vancouver Canucks vs. Nashville Predators[5]

The Outcome: I pick Nashville in 7 games. The Preds are a better team then the Hawks but Vancouver almost lost to the Hawks. Shea Weber and Ryan Suter should play good against the Canucks offence. The Preds have to put someone always on when "The Twins" are on the ice.

[2] San Jose Sharks vs. Detroit Redwings[3]

The Outcome: The Redwings will win in 6 games. The series will be exciting but Pavel Dastyuk will give more skills foe men to go on YouTube to watch over and over. Joe Pavelski will try hard.

[1] Washington Capitals vs. Tampa Bay Lightning[5]

The Outcome: The Caps in 6. Stamkos will try hard but the tandeem of Karl Alzner and John Carlson will shut all forwards down in crunch time. Alex Ovechkin will play well.

[2] Philadelphia Flyers vs. Boston Bruins[3]

The Outcome: The Flyers in 5 games. I think Philly is in Boston's head after last year. Mike Richards will continue to play well on the point in power play. Danny Briere will contiue his playoff MVP play.


Leafsforever said...

Here are my predictions:

Nashville in 6
SanJose in 5
Boston in 5
Tampa in 6

Andrew said...

Hey Ben, I really like the blog stuff.