Saturday, 27 August 2011

Easton EQ 40 Stick Review

I recently got the Easton EQ 40 stick and it is the best stick I have ever had. I will tell you some of the features and then what I thought about it.

Shaft: Hybrid Kevlar - wrapped shaft for impact protection and vibration dampning.

Flex: The Flex is towards the bottom for a low kick point on the shaft. I have a 65 flex.

Grip: Slight sticky felling.

Blade: Focus Weight Technology - [10 grams] Redistributes weight to impact area to control hard passes and make the puck stick like glue.

Multi Rib and Micro Bladder blade adds durability and strength to the blade.

My Thoughts:

The stick is very lightweight and easy to grip. My power has really improved with this stick and so has my accuracy. I couldnt really feel the Focus Weight Technology working but the stick is still really good the stick is very durable. The stick had excellent hitting power and was really good with wrist shot and snapshots.

Overall: It is a really sweet stick and is the best in the $100-$150 range of sticks. Way better than the Warrior Vandal.

I hope you enjoyed my review and I will be back on Monday for more hockey news.


Mom said...

Great info, Ben. I can tell you really did your homework :)

Anonymous said...

Cant wait for the goals to start pouring in with that stick....