Thursday, 18 August 2011

Part 3- Nutrition

Time for Part 3 in my series of conditioning for athletes. Today's topic is Nutrition. What good is an athlete when he eats junk food all day. You need lots of protein and electrolytes to get lots of energy.

Cheese is also a great food for protein and so is different types of meat. If we dont have lots of food and protein our body's will burn down and we will have no energy to play the sports we love. Check out this link down here for nutrition with trainer Gary Roberts :

I read the article and have to say I enjoyed it very much.

 Power Bars are great before or after games to provide or replace the energy you need for a great game. There are different types of Power Bars but I will soon provide a home made recipe for a power bar which provides you with energy and still tastes great. Yummmmm!!!

Bananas provide potassium which is a must for athletes. Banana's are one of my favourite foods because they are healthy and taste great.

Which food do you eat before you play sports for energy? Power Bars, apples or something else? Tell us in the comments.

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