Monday, 22 August 2011

Warrior Vandal Review

Hey Guys,

I am getting a new hockey stick on Friday so I thought I could do a review on my current stick. My current stick is the Warrior Vandal.  It is a low priced stick with good technology that I will tell you about:

Blade: Soft-Core blade resist torque but allows for improved fell of the puck.

Grip: Rubber like feel

Shaft: Precision Taper focuses energy at lower quarter for easy load and release.
          Composite Deluxe internal construction increases fiber strand content for more durability.


Flex: 50

Patterns: Draper, Kovalchuck, Savard


Flex: 70

Patterns: Draper, Kovalchuck, Savard


Flex: 100, 85

Patterns: Draper, Kovalchuck, Savard, Kovalev, Gionta, Vanek

The stick was light enough for me and had great hitting power. The stick was also very durable for me. Overall it was a great stick with a great price.

By the way, I will not be back until Friday because I am going camping so I will miss some blogposts but I will give a review of whatever stick I do get.

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