Saturday, 6 August 2011

Part 2- Hydration

This is my second part in my 4 part series of sports conditioning for athletes. Today we will be talking about hydration. You can't be dehydrated and still expect to perform your best in any given physical activity. You must be full of fluids to replace all the sweat that you are losing during a tough game. When you do not have enough fluids in your body you become weak and tired and can not perform 110%.

Some of you may know that you can survive a week without food but you can only survive 2-3 days without fluids. Fluids make our body run well and help us in many activities. Without fluids our body will shut down and die.

You may here me say fluids a lot but I don't mean erik Coca Cola when playing hockey! Gatorade and water are the best things to drink well doing a sport.

Most people should drink 1-2 litres of water/gatorade 2 hours before game time. When on the bench drink quick large sips of water.

Gatorade is very good for the elite athlete because it replaces the fluids and energy you are losing well doing a physical activity. But water is better than Gatorade so that should be your first choice over any energy drink.

Lastly I found a great article on hydration at this link :

I hope you enjoyed my post.

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