Friday, 5 August 2011

Favourite Photo of the Week

This one photo symbolizes the NFL lockout. Now that free agency has started and all free agents are finding new homes we will all remember the year Roger Goodell locked out football.

Now this is more of a question than a real Favourite Photo of the Week post but what do you think is the most heartbreaking lockout.

1. The NHL 2004-05 Lockout

2. The NFL 2011 Lockout

I am personally a hockey fan and I think the 2004-05 lockout was a heartbreaking lockout but it ended greatly with Alex Ovechkin and Sid the Kid each starting their career

There is no Alex Ovechkin  or Sidney Crosby in this year's draft but I think most people think the NFL lockout was more heartbreaking.

Dish off in the comments about your opinion on the lockouts too.

Don't forget tomorrow is my  Part 2 in my 4 part series [hydration] of conditioning for sports.  

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