Saturday, 2 April 2011

ACC Friday April 1

I recently went to the Toronto Rock game with my dad, my friend and his dad and his uncle.

First, we went to pick up my friend at his house and then took the subway to Bay Street.

We walked to a cool Italian place called Mercatto. My friend Andrew's Dad and Uncle then came. I had pizza with potatoes. We finished and then took a 10 minute walk to the ACC.

We entered the building and the atmosphere was great. I do not know that much about lacrosse so Andrew's Uncle Dean taught me about it.

I bought M&M's. We found our seats right ahead of the Ice Box ( a luxury suite).

The game was awesome!! There were some fights and slashes, but I'm okay with that! I thought of bringing a goalie catcher to catch a ball, but decided not to.

The best part was at the end when Stephan Leblanc did a in the air wraparound to win the game.


Washington Stealth: 12          Toronto Rock: 13


Nadine said...

Hi Ben,
I don't know anything about Lacrosse. Maybe next time we visit, you can explain it to me OK?

Anonymous said...

Pizza with potatoes?