Thursday, 7 April 2011

NHL 12 Cover Athlete?

The pick for this year's NHL 12 video game cover athlete is gonna be???

I have 3 picks who I can assure you will be the game makers' top picks.

1. Corey Perry
2. Nick Lidstrom
3. James Reimer

Why Corey Perry: Why not Corey Perry? Everyone thought he was a 70 point power forward,  but surprise...he is THE GOAL SCORER. Come's just fantastic the way he can play and still be pest. Ask yourself?  Why not Corey Perry.

Why Nick Lidstrom: The d-man is 40 years old and still making it big. He is totally a Norris Trophy contender and still makes big plays on the rush.

Why James Reimer: He is lights-out playing goalie for Toronto, and is a good Rookie of the Year contender. He has back-stopped his team to an oh-so-close 8th place to make the playoffs. He makes crazy saves like he is some Cirque Du Soleil acrobat.

I sure love making predictions. 

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Trenton Rommy said...

Corey Perry is definitely a great pick! He's really carried the Ducks on his back this year and he deserves some recognition. And Nick Lidstrom? Always a great choice for sure.

You have great writing skills, kid, keep up the good work!