Saturday, 16 April 2011

TSN vs. Sportsnet

Sorry for not doing a blogpost in such a long time. I have been caught up with all the playoffs in both basketball and hockey. My new post is is about TSN and Sportsnet and which channel is better. TSN is way better because it covers lots of differernt sports well Sportsnet only features hockey and baseball. TSN also has experts on all sports well all Sportsnet all they have is Nick Kypreos. They also have mostly baseball well TSN has lots of hockey which I live on. The point is that TSN is better in all aspects well Sportsnet usually has more depth in their reports on baseball. I like TSN more but think they should add more baseball in their time.

TSN: 1 Sportsnet:0


Rangers in 6 said...

I prefer TSN as well....but sometimes that Pierre Macguire gets on my nerves...and I am sure the players dont like him as well.....

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday, dude! Hope you're having a great day.

-Zack H.