Saturday, 9 April 2011

Zack Hample Interview

I sent my idol Zack Hample [best ballhawk in the world] some questions (for an interview) the other day, and he replied to them. Here they are:

Ben: What do you love about being an author?
Zack: Getting to write stuff and knowing lots of people are going to read it.

B: Have you ever pushed a kid over?
Z: Not once. Never Ever. I once could of snagged a game home run hit by David Wright if I'd pushed my way past a kid who was blocking my path, but instead I chose to stop short and let someone else grab the ball.

B: What are your goals in life?
Z: To be a major league baseball player[oops, too late] and to have a spectacularly wife/family someday.

B: Who is your role model in ballhawking?
Z: When I was much younger, I looked up to a ballhawk at Yankee stadium named Artie Laurain. These days I get inspiration from ballhawks who exclusively go for game home runs. I need to focus more on that myself and not spend so much time chasing foul balls.

B: What is the best ballhawk stadium?
Z: Camden Yards.  Everyone's laid-back there, and the architectural layout is ideal.

B: What is the worst ballhawk stadium?
Z: Probably the new Yankee Stadium of how crowded and intense and expensive it is and because how strict the rules are. The layout of the stadium isn't great either. Dodger Stadium is also tough, and Rogers Center has proven to be difficult for me as well.

B: What event do you like going to more, Post Season or Home Run Derby?
Z: Home Run Derby all the way.

B: Who is the best player you got a ball from?
Z: I caught a home run that Barry Bonds hit in 2006, but as for the best player to have thrown me a ball? Hmm. I can't narrow it down to one because there've been some great ones- Albert Pujols, Ozzie Smith, Tony Gwynn, Rickey Henderson, Ichiro Suzuki, Greg Maddux, and Mariano Rivera, to name a few.

Sweet, right?


G&G said...

Wow. That's totally cool Ben!!

Nadine said...

That is amazing Ben, getting to interview an author. So proud of you.