Friday, 22 April 2011

My Birthday!

On April 20th I turned 11. From my aunts, uncles, and grandparents I got money. But from my parents and brother I got presents. Most of the presents were sports related items.

From: My Brother

1. I got Toronto Bluejays tickets for the May 26th game vs. the Chicago White Sox. Zack Hample is going to be there so I hope that I get to meet him. My goal will be at least 3 balls in the batting practise and game. My whole family will come. We will be seated in the 100 level outfield.

2. An iTunes giftcard. I like to buy songs that pump me up for hockey games. I like Live and Let Die by Guns n Roses. I like the rock and RnB Hip Hop music.

Now here are the presents from my parents.

1. G2 Gatorade. I love the fruit punch flavour of the G2. I got a pack with 8 bottles with them for my hockey tryouts with Humber Valley Sharks "A". The gatorade gives you lots of energy if your in need of some. Lots of athletes drink G2.

2. Bop It Bounce. The game is very fun and is good for people looking to improve their reaction time. You bounce a ball on a trampoline thing. Their are different minigames with it like how high you can bounce and stuff like that.

3. My big present was the new Reebok Zigtech shoes. The unique zig zag shape prevents key leg muscles from getting hurt. I got the colour blue but there is also red, green, yellow and white. I would reccomend this shoe to people who work out a lot and like a very comfy shoe. The zig-zag foam is very light weight which makes the shoe lighter and then you faster on your feet. I rate this an A+.

If your wondering what I am going to do with the money, I will buy the new CCM u+10 hockey stick mostly because of the crazy ovi curve.

I would also like to thank Zack Hample and my dad because my dad emailed Zack Hample and asked if he could leave a comment and wish me a happy b-day. Thank You everyone that got me a gift!!!!!    

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Mom said...

You're lucky Ben! But you deserve it for being such a great kid.